Help me gen 9 m4a1 need repairing

So I’m new to gel blasting and recently purchased m4a1 gen 9 about a month in it broke so the bottom (stock trigger and mag) broke from the top this was a easy fix I assume and I reckon It needs only a screw

The other problem was the rubber on the end of gear box( leading onto barrle) broke too

Very keen to get going again please help :+1:

(Took out mag relies on purpose) aha

hey sam…

we’ll get you sorted but pics man…pics!

show us this mayhem of which you speak so we can gasp in awe…

and…how did you actually manage to do break it?

The little rubber just broke but the ■■■ well. I just must of been exited knowing jack sh$t about gel blasting and must of done somthing

There’s a target threaded (sometimes punch through) pin for the front.

Your nozzle tip can be reattached or a new one bought

So a hole in the front to stop it from fall off the top

The rear slips in and under a lip at the back, the two pieces with the hole line up and you press the pin through

Whole thing stays together on those two points

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Looks like you have few missing parts…
Front pin
Centre pin
Nozzle rubber
You will need replacements for these as a minimum just from looking at the pic.

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Thank you so mch

Very very grateful