Help me with my SLR

Hi guys, I have been playing gel blaster for some time now and I am planning to build my own SLR, but I am not so sure about it as this will be my first DIY custom build. Any kind soul mind me giving any good tips & trick or tutorial video?

hey Irvin and welcome to the zoo.

the first problem i see regularly is not having a vision of the final outcome. and i mean a clear vision.

your second challenge is to decide what type of field use because that governs what sort of performance you need. ie: cqb rail ■■■, assault blaster, ranged accuracy.

from there you can decide on a gearbox standard, then find a quality parts list from which your receiver and the rest of the bits can be identified and sourced.

as for build lovin…

i’m sure plenty will chime in with videos and i have to recommend watching teardowns and low guido’s work.

another good resource are the chaps on field. It is not uncommon to see a build bench with a n00b and a few locals repairing, teaching or troubleshooting someone’s blaster of woe.


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Hey brother it’s always good to see someone make their first post. We all started with our first at some point.

As Hamish said yes definitely check out low guido on YouTube I take my hat off to him for putting the time and effort in his videos. And so without repetition from Hamish my advice would be so work out your budget, and that will help to set a level of build your doing. And trust me it’s worth it to custom but damn it adds up quickly. to read up online about which gearbox your after with SLR their V2 style so would be looking at Kublai, furious bear, jingli, war interest to name a few of the top ones


just on the budget element…i did a custom SLR build just recently and sank 650$ in parts to produce something above average but not nuts.

that said, i am happy with it.

nylon box
decent metal gears
stock motor
fb barrel
good plunger and head
good cylinder & head
nylon receiver and handguard
STD mags - they are bigger and need a collar to use in my SLR

cost wise its 180$ more than my upgraded, repaired, tweaked wells and doesn’t perform as well but i still like it

I’ve tried that but went a little overboard with parts . Got and A1 lonex motor from USA and didn’t realise I accidentally ordered the medium instead of long shaft. So hoping I can find a way to make that have decided it’s going to take a while to complete as financially im not in a spot to go all out at once need to space it out monthly lol. As having 2 kids ain’t cheap lol

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Bud I have a few I am selling which will be cheaper than starting your own build, but you can still modify the gearbox to go as wild as you like, but they are all complete and painted custom… My ad is on here. custom SLR Builds bro

picked up some, not all parts for an internally really nice build


that sh1t adds up really quickly :thinking::roll_eyes:

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Ouch that hurts lol. What did U get

retro arms split billot gearbox

reasonable bits for everything else - still waiting on a bunch of bits too

Ah nice I forgot to mention the ra CNC GB in message

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Thx for the advice!
I’m probably going for the CQB style
Trying out the following in a nylon gear box

  • 16:1 metal gear set
  • Stock motor
  • FB Plunger, Head
  • Stock cylinder

I’m live in a country where gel blaster community is not very big, so parts are limited and expensive here, but I will build it slowly whenever financially allow. Even thought it won’t be slow and not best blaster out there, I think I enjoy the process of doing research, building it and going through trial and error to get it right.

i’ll take a reliable above average over a madman anyday.

if only so i don’t have to change mags so often.

never trust anyone rec kublai’s produtions to your, mostly there are 2 kind of people would do that, 1st:: the real stupid, see something new, shiny and they instally think “my precious, my precious blaster”, ignore them, or else before u know it, they had already drag u to their rank. 2: the one that hate u and love to see u suffer, they are usually faces that u know just enough to say hi, and they are into the game way deeper and earlier, they will sweet tallk, suddenly be so friendly, willing to acompany u to get ur kublai, nice huh? no, they just wanna see the moment u spent shit load of money to buy a …well a shitty blaster, be careful, by the time u realised being fucked like that i worryn that u already bought ur 3 rd kublai…

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