Help Needed: HK issue

Hi guys,

I bought a HK416D two days ago and love the ■■■ it seems very solid and the performance was great.

I was sold a hop from the shop which fits the vector apparently being the right upgrade for this ■■■, later to find out that I was poorly educated and that this ■■■ already has this inbuilt, at the time of trying to figure out how this hop would even fit on there I have taken apart the front of the ■■■ and a small silver part which looks to be a barrel stabiliser? Is now sliding free up and down when I put the ■■■ back together and tilt it up or down, I tried taking the part out and as assumed the accuracy is dog shit.

Can someone please shed a light of where I’m going wrong or where this piece actually needs to go?

Muchly appreciated

Just realised I can only post one image as a new user, it’s the silver cylinder you can see on the left

More pics can be done with more posts.

That silver bit certainly does look to be a barrel stabiliser and from what you describe…seems so.

theae would go toward the front of the barrel to reduce flopping about at the pew pew end of your blaster.

Perhaps closer pics?

Hey mate I’ll have to take it back apart to get closer pics, do you think alternatively I could use a universal barrel stabiliser?

I don’t see a hopup in the pictures, the silver bit is a gas block and piston . Normally a hopup would go on the inner barrel, but there is a barrel mounted one which is what I mounted on my Metal Wells.

in that case…sit tight.

someone with one of these who knows about this will be by shortly :slight_smile:

i do like the proposed alternative though. its a neat solution.

The built in Hopup is inside the gas block. The adjustment screw is a little grub screw in the hole just before the threads for your flash hider. New feature of the v3

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As for the silver barrel stabiliser that slides inside your outer barrel I had the same issue just use a small bit of cardboard or folded paper underneath it to stop it sliding. I know it’s a redneck fix but worked for me. Suppose you could try to glue it in place!!!


Thank you so so much mate. This clears everything up haha

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