Help needed- JM Gen 9 pistol grip/motor height setting


Needing help with setting the motor height in my Gen 9. Need to set it higher in the box (ie wind it in further); however, it appears there is no way to do this with my (stock) pistol grip. I can see threads in the redress where the screw should be, but no screw and it appears the plastic there is solid (pictures illustrate)


Do I need to purchase another grip (just add it to the list of what I’ve got so far…) or am I missing something?

Appreciate any help on this one- this build had been dragging out and I’d like to get it finished…

Your missing the screw which goes into that threaded end of the grip butt end. It normally just needs a flat screwdriver to change depth.

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You can get a metal base plate with the screw insert and swap it for that

Thanks- thought something wasn’t right. Will hopefully have this solved with the new motor I’ve got coming- should be coming with the grip base. Contacted the person I bought it from- said they’d run out of blasters and couldn’t/wouldn’t sell small parts for them. Still trying to sort that out

I know this is a little old but I just had to ask, is this a common defect or how they should be?
Even though it has the thread, if you put a screw in there nothing happens as it is one solid piece.
My gen 9 also had this, and none of the shops or guys I shot with couldn’t believe it.
I ended up replacing the grip anyway but was still annoying when trying to build the box.