Help needed with easyfet/vector

Good Evening Ladies and Gents

Tonight I painfully soldered with I think a very underpowered soldering iron, an easyfet into a vector, first blaster but not first time soldering(been awhile though), was just testing the to see if everything was working before I commit,

when I tested it, it worked for maybe 1/4 of a second before not working again, no smoke no nothing, the battery was charged, nothing I had seen was crossed etc, packed it up for tonight but was hoping someone might be able to point whats might be wrong before trying it again.

Cheers =]

Show us your wiring but I’m not hopeful for you

Did you fuse?

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I broke it all back down to start again seems it’s wasn’t working,

Was just hoping to see what might be wrong/blown

Could be the way you wired it.

Could be your soldering job.

I assume the harness is intact?

Could be pixies…friggin pixies

thats what I thought lol,

Thanks for the reply though =]