Help, Not firing Vector

Hi guys, was having a blast with the Vector on 11.1v. Sparing with full auto, mostly semi. After removing the battery to charge, and putting the battery back in again. It just won’t fire anymore. I’m baffled what happened to the ■■■. Any advice on what I should check? Appreciate it guys

If all you did was remove the battery and put it back in, there is either a connection issue or the battery is dead. Have you got one of these for battery testing:

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It could be the mosfet, I have seen this happen where a component on the board fails but it will work until you unplug the battery then nothing.
Do as @BulletMagnet suggests and if still nothing than the mosfet is most probably dead :frowning:

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alright I’ll try your suggestion, if its anything, it seems the mag prime is working normally. I suspect the mosfet is fried? but why?

If you open it up could you please let us know what version mosfet you have.