Help please. Battery for j10 after 1.4 spring and motor upgrade

Just wondering what other battery i can use that would work. I have just upgraded my j10 to a 1.4 spring, metal gears and a black chai hai motor but other 11.v batterys dont work except this one.

Hi, you will need a 3S battery to crank the 1.4mm spring I reckon…

I think you will find that the 1.4mm is a bit much spring… the 1.3mm seems to be ‘enough’ and is more accurate because of the very high fps…

So, try a 3S battery and let us know how it goes :+1:


I’m guessing most 11.1v batteries will work, just make sure you get a reasonable quality one.
No 7.4v will work with a 1.4 spring.
I use the same battery as what youve got, as well as a Turnigy airrrsoft 1.2 11.1… but i had to use a dremil and cut out the battery compartment in the back of the j10 to fit in any sized abttery now apart from chode short stubby wide batteries.

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Calcifer is on the money about the spring…less is more in some things for most circumstances

If you want nice batteries, Turnigy nano tech

If you are new to LiPOs you absolute need to become informed about maintenance and management.

There is a thread on this forum about storage and balancing that is what you need.

The information is certainly available elsewhere also


You have to remember as well, the spring is only responsible for FPS… and the voltage is only responsible for rate of fire… The only time one affects the other is when you need to compress a fat spring from a standstill… the more volts is needed to overcome the inertia and the heavy spring :+1:

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I ran a 1.4 in my j10 for a while, with an 11.1 bosli 3s. While it worked ok, accuracy was average at best, it also cracked the dowls in the gearbox housing that hold the cylinder head in place, and the upgraded motor got hot if I got a bit trigger happy! Went backwards in spring, it works so much better very consistent and will run a whole night on 1 battery. Saying that I change batteries so as not to discharge them too low. I absolutely love the J10


Alu barrel, 2s and a 1.25 here

Beyond a complete rebuild, it’s my favourite backup

If probably use it as a primary but my SLR is just too sexy


Thanks eveyone for the help. I might go back to a 1.3 spring. What should a 1.3 spring be getting fps wise?

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With correct gel size, clean barrel and good air seals you should push 280-290 easily


I second ZeHamish about 280ish. And it’ll love it, and go all day! My only suggestion is have a few spare return springs, I broke one after 3 months of weekly use. But other than that all good.


When you go a heavier spring… even a 1.3mm, remember to get a spring guide with a bearing… and a cylinder head with a bearing… so as the spring compresses and lets go… the seats at each end are able to move… lets the spring do it’s thing without winding itself up (and loctite the piston screw):+1:

EDIT: When you order one, send me one and I’ll let you know how much Loctite you need for best outcome. /EDIT

Notice how good I am at spending other people’s money for them :money_mouth_face:


You can do better

As an example I’ll add an edit for you…


Now ya talkin’ :grin::+1:

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