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hi all, new here

I have recently bought a blaster which is essentially a gen8 m4 with a xm316 receiver and heavily upgraded gearbox, what I want to do is replace the stock handguard with an 11 inch alloy one.

what is confusing me is what sort of adapters I will need, as I will obviously need the threaded adapter for the receiver and handguard to work

but I also was hoping to have a metal outer barrel so I’m wondering how that will attach?? do i need stabilisers for the inner barrel? I have no idea exactly where to get those and are they specific to each model of handguard?

basically I want to upgrade to a longer handguard which is metal and have a stainless barrel and some sort of outer barrel which would allow me to use my suppressor style hop up but cant seem to find the parts to make it all work

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Hi and welcome…

These are the joys of building blasters…

This is the reason ‘normal’ people like me have a few boxes of parts that didn’t suit…

and the real addicts like Rattler and Hiroshima have boxes, drawers, tubs and rooms in their houses with all of the ‘maybe this will work’ parts that didn’t work drama laughing%20(1)

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I have one of these adapters for my outer barrel and can add any length I want just by screwing on barrel extensions

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On the gen 8 If you have a handguard now you could use the same adaptor, it is just a ring that goes over the receiver end and turns to lock it, it does not screw on,you will need an longer outer barrel which is a 19mm outer tube with a 16mm inner dia. and it fits inside the handguard adapter and is held by grub screws.
You will also need a outer support ring to support the outer barrel near the end of the handguard.
Do an EBay search for gen 8 m4a1 fishbone and also gen 8 outer barrels and you will see all the items you need.
Yes you will also need inner barrel supports but you can use rubber grommets the right size from Jaycar, just lightly grease them and they fit perfectly.

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That barrel adapter will not fit a gen 8

Sorry @Rattler I 'm not too schooled on the differences between gen8/9 please educate the plebs like myself. FWIW I have a CYMA receiver that works with it fine and the handguard lock ring secures it well

You can see in this picture how a gen 8 nose looks.
In the gen 8 the t piece is retained inside the front of the box so doesn’t need a t piece adapter like a v2 or gen9


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