Help troubleshoot my SAW

Hi, I am being a little lazy in that I really don’t feel like ripping the whole gearbox apart again just yet…

Was working perfectly, getting 330fps avg on a 7.1mm tight bore.
Made the tracer drum, tested with glow gels and it clogged up the barrel.
Opened it up, cleared the barrel, but replaced it with an Ausgel 7.5mm.
Put it back together, think I did a good air seal from blowing through it and inspection.
Firing all over the place and only getting a few meters.

The possible issues as I see them:

There is a DK hopup on the end, the tongue I suppose would have had the back end lowered enough for a 7.1mm…am I right in thinking that a 7.5mm might create a lip?

Air seal leak in the original t-piece that I reused.

Volumetric efficiency screwed up…it has a full length cylinder and the barrel isn’t that long…

Something inside broken…as mentioned it was perfect before opening, so could something have gone wrong when it was trying to fire with a clogged barrel, or when I opened the front of the box only to get the t-piece/barrel out?

Are there any tests to see if I can narrow it down?
I figure the hop up issue is an easy one…fire without it on…

Broken tappet spring or nozzle rubber or even the piston o ring

I really was ignoring those possibilities… damn it.
I guess opening if will be the only choice.

yeh sadly, sounds tappet spring to me, did you notice any rust/imperfections on it last time you saw the spring.

Come on now mate, you know it needs to be serviced anyway and it won’t take half as long as it did to build that glow mag :+1:


It looked perfect last time… admittedly it has only been out field twice…

I guess it couldn’t hurt to grease up the old gears…

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