Help! Well Metal MRT or Platinum range...?

Having trouble deciding!!
Please help.
The Platinums all seem great. Good reviews; plenty of power… Seem like they wouldn’t need much in the way of internal upgrades. But the logos/printing on the sides of some of them look kinda tacky; not something I would expect or want on an expensive working replica.

The Well looks great, but there is almost nothing about them online; and they’re always in stock!! Why are they not sold out like all the other good blasters? That’s not a criticism; just considering all aspects… They obviously have good access to products… It’s more about the apparent lack of owners online…

I am currently 90% in favour of the MRT.

Want to grab one soon before the Man tells me I can’t…
Am ready to drop the hammer.
MRT or wait for a Boar or Extremis?

Cheers in advance.

I would probably go for the wells. Not only are they sexier, but they have pretty good performance out of the box. Though there isn’t much in way of upgrade paths. Also M4a1 is a much more reputable seller than tac edge. Tac edge is fast turning into tac toys.
However I do not know much about the platinum one. But well is probably better anyway.
But those are just my thoughts.
Good luck



Both are great blasters!

The APS (Platinum) have very nice receivers and externals but both have pros and cons.

I would lean towards the Wells MRT for a few reasons

  1. Cheaper
  2. Easier to upgrade
  3. Better tappet travel so better feed

I concur… go the MRT.


Cheers, guys…
Yeah, the Well looks more real, for whatever that’s worth…
I guess I was hoping for someone to say ‘‘the Platinums are the shiz cos no upgrades necessary!’’, which would save both time and money short term, with the added bonus of not allowing me to lose/break anything!
That being said; @Rattler makes a few good points re upgrading the Well in other posts…
And yes; Well appears to have the better rep. The complaints re the Platinums all seem to be build quality at that price point…

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Don’t get me wrong… I love my MPX but the MRT just made everything easy down the track :wink: because it doesn’t stay standard for too long.

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Yeah, I’m thinking about rattler saying that the Well cylinder head/nozzle set up is the best for ball-feed… That’s a big plus right there.
I’ve yet to read much bad stuff about Well at all.
Quite like the Kublai/WATs also, but am looking for good platform for long configurations… I guess any M4 would do for that, but I like the original M4 receiver look.
Want the PMC AK74 as a cqb also. But it has to wait until after my 1911 and/or p226… Assuming they get here in time to avoid being banned :slight_smile:

Buttt you can also use the exact same wells parts to upgrade the APS to make it feed equally well.
That exactly what I’ve done with all my APS blasters :+1:

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Just when I thought I had it settled.
Thanks for that!

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I have a gift for pissing off the universe…

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Not that I would advise buying from CEH but it’s the same blaster :wink:


Cheers was looking at that the other day… Just a slightly different/shorter guard.
Assumed it was a copy. If it’s defo the Well, I’ll grab one…
Atomic also have a pic on their site-banner of a cool looking M4 that they don’t actually seem to stock; or did I miss something there…?
Might give M4A1 a call re new stock, but I’m not holding out much hope for much within next month… I’m still waiting for shit I ordered 3 months ago…

Why not ceh?

Some m4a1 stores may actually have stock , it just the online site that has no stock.

The m4a1 and CEH are both Wells brand blasters with the same gearbox, CEH seems to have a model that m4a1 doesn’t or slight cosmetic differences


Cool, I will call and see.
Why would you not advise c e h? Service?

Maybe a ceh spec order/contract product direct thru Well?

It would have been between m4a1 and CEH.
M4a1 are the Wells distributors for Australia.
It was the same with the co2 pistols.

I have personally only ever had grief from CEH


Ah cool. Having multiple income streams never hurts!

Sux about the grief. But thx for heads up… Not a fan either.

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So; a quick update…
(Almost)Everyone’s out of good metal m4s… The Atomic m4 just doesn’t quite do it for me…
So I went with the second spot on the wish list, the PMC AK74.

Pretty happy! I have no chrono, but I’d bet on average 300fps out of box.
With no hop up, she’s a bit wild; but at 10-15m, spitting aka milkies, she’s not too bad, and hitting hard. At 5-7m, it’s pacmanning thru standard double ply cardboard, and in the backyard, the straight ones are doing easy 20-30m.
Waiting on hop ups to test - the metal Rizer w/nylon tounges, and the cheaper WI adjustable. (The good WI adjustables recommended here are also thin on the ground, so still looking for ones under $20…I’m tight).
Stock spring is 1.3; mite go back to 1.2 to see if that improves the accuracy.
Barrel is ss 7.5mm at approx 400mm long.

Overall, the thing is very impressive. Heavy. Feels awesome; pretty sure arms are gonna get strong dragging it around at games…
Gearbox looks spectacular, to the point that I don’t wanna risk fucking it by tearing it down! Watched a couple vids, and the thing looks (at this stage) beyond my skills/confidence/available tools…only concern is the half nylon/half metal-rail piston… But I guess if they made it ■■■■■■-proof in the factory, they wouldn’t sell any parts… I’ll wait til it strips and get a shop to sort it out!
Overall, excited to get out there with it.
Thanks to helpful crew at Tactical Edge Yatala. Great store!! Like Bunnings for GB!
Think I might stick to their Platinum M4s when i buy one; the 'boxes seem that good…(happy to hear any bad reports on that subject, of course. All info is helpful)…assuming they’re all as good out of box as this thing.
And as a heads up, TE staff reckon heaps of new gear coming late August…one guy said 20 containers! Not hard to believe; when I was in there for 2 hours, there was never less than 8-10 people inside, all buying…
Anyway, expect some sort of sale there soon…like maybe display/old stock that has to go to make room…



Is this the kit?

Can you recommend similar for v3?

That is the kit but on the v2 we would use it with the FB metal t piece or similar to make it work, but you won’t find one to suit the v3/AK’s

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