Help! Why am I Snapping ARL Springs

Hi all,

I am new to this forum. But found a lot of useful info from you guys.

I have a J10 ACR, Mst 100% cylinder, double oring head, double oring nozzle, 16:1 gears, 40c 11.1v battery. M95/M100 spring depending on game. Ausgel yellow motor (need better motor), corrected AOE, short stroked 1 tooth. Shooting 22-23RPS @ 340FPS,

I keep snapping ARL springs in half a mag (50 shots or so)

I am stumped on why this is happening.

I need some ideas


Metal gears? Metal arl?

Yes all metal
I am struggling with figuring out how to reply LOL

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M95 and M100 springs are about 1.4mm and 1.5 mm aren’t they? I never go above 1.3mm because most people I have heard of using over 1.3mm have broken lots of parts for the extra oomf in the whole system… Too strong a spring puts alot of strain on every part of a gel blaster, from the motor trying to push against the spring, the gears/teeth/cases trying to deal with all of the torque… and the piston and head slamming on the cylinder head.

If I were you, I would get a good quality 1.3mm (M90) and see if the problem persistspop

Not 100% on the diameter of the spring more just going off FPS with chrono. M95 was getting me to 285FPS and a ausgel 1.18mm unequal was sitting me at just over 300FPS. Not too crazy on anything over 300 as the accuracy seem to turn to puss. I need to stay under 300 for the indoor field. Although I like the extra punch for outdoor.

But doesn’t seem to matter what cylinder spring I use it just keeps snapping the ARL spring.

I have an M90 I’ll chuck it in but I’m not confident.

Maybe excessive heat?

Is the spring that is snapping the Anti Reverse Latch Spring? I am not sure why that would be breaking? :thinking:

Yes the Anti reverse latch spring. It’s got me stumped. It breaks just after the loop. On the straight side that touches the gearbox shell

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Maybe it (or they) came from a bad batch? Try getting some from another seller… see if thy snap too…

They are a pain in the butt to get in… I end up saying lots of naughty words really loudly when fitting the anti reverser… :roll_eyes: end up with sore fingers too… pita! :dizzy_face:

Yes the worst part of the build haha.

I have gone through 4 different springs from different suppliers and different latches too. Even the original that came with the nylon latch before I installed the metal gears.

It’s sending me nuts!

I might try a nylon latch and see what happens.

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I think you should buy another blaster the same… keep this one that is playing up to do up… but have another one that is reliable to play with so you dont lose interest… (old faithful)

It should be illegal to only have one blaster anyway… one always needs a backup… or 3 (or 7)… I mean, you have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 kidneys, 2 arms, 2 legs and 2 girlfriends… having only one blaster is like… being out of balance? (shouldn’t be allowed) dance

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had same thing in a mates m4 j9. even broke a retro arms spring. could not figure that one out. 1.3 spring, shs 18:1 gears, black chihai motor, easyfet v2 nothing crazy. pissed me off having to pull it down for a little spring breaking lol. ended up putting a really soft one in it. only blaster build thats done that.

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Yes It happens automatically
Current blasters
CYMA cqb
Well MRT
Desert eagle


Mmm thanks Kamchop. Doesn’t fill me with confidence. Haha

If not another full blaster, consider buying a new gearbox (or 2) that is what I did and now have about 6 spare gearboxes :money_mouth_face: (ok, 9) (plus drawers full of parts I ‘might’ need one day

blues-brothers not my fault

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Haha classic. Yeah. I’ll try the nylon latch. If not I’ll grab another box and swap everything over. Fingers crossed I get it sorted.

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It is just so wrong that you only have one blaster tho?? I mean, I don’t even understand what that means?

I can’t imagine having only ONEkillbunny blaster… and it breaks and I don’t have anything to play with… Sacrilege! cry

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So I’ve put the original nylon latch in and it hasn’t broken a spring as yet. Seems like I have fixed the problem for now


i agree, i bought a second blaster just so i can have one open all the time. i use a j9 with mates and come home and play with the “project” blaster alone


Nothing worse than needing your blaster and you are waiting for parts… or mates come around and you can’t join in… gotta have one reliable one ready to go at any time :grin: (at least one… maybe 4) :rofl:

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i was having this problem as well… i found that in my Gen9 box where the atr sites in its hole, the hole was actually warn and cracked down to the case so the latch had alot of movement… i went through three springs before i found it. changed to a new nylon gears box have’t broken a singel spring and im running a m100 might be worth a look