Help with M4 guardian feeding issue

i hope i posted in the right section, please move if necessary

i have a M4 Guardian which houses the silver edge gear box

i can’t get the damm thing to feed and it’s really starting to sh#t me

it was feeding fine until i pulled it apart and changed to SHS gears,

i changed it back to the cast gears, even tried puting sector delay chip

still nothing…any suggestion would be much appreciated! would it have anything to do with the AOE?

with one trigger pull on semi, does it spin exactly 1 whole 360 round?..does it stopped exactly where it started (hope you know what i mean)


i have the MK hybrid 92 box , i was told by GBU that it would be a direct fit but it issn’t,

has anyone installed a MK box in the metal blasters from AZRAEL’s? if you did which MK box did you use and was it a direct fit with no mods?

and lastly I have those 1 piece kublai cylinder/head, which nozle will fit my m4 guardian with MK box?

thanks in advance guys…much appreciate

Listening to GBU would be one of your biggest issues. Shopping with them would be even bigger.


i have noticed they are quite expensive,

and I would go back and complain but i brought the MK box around 6 months ago, i never got around to actually fitting it

Is the MK Hybrid 92 the one with the curved edge? If so that is only suitable for Gen 9/10 blasters. You might have been grifted and are entitled to your money back

The Silver Edge boxes aren’t bad if you radius them and correctly shim, lube etc etc. the later Silver Edge boxes were stronger than the original batches. How old is the Guardian? I wouldn’t change out the SE box until it broke or I was trying to really push the limits with RPS and FPS and there was a need to go up to CNC.

it’s the first batch, i think…i’m not sure

it’s not the silver edge e, it’s the ones without the mosfet and it’s not ambidextrous

probably brought it a good 8-9months ago?


thats a ■■■■■■■ version, but looks the same as that

that was the idea, use it till the box cracked then fit the Mk box, although there is signs of a crack there already (where i radiused it)

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t have purchased a scythe box from azraels theyre built with the aps range in mind?? Fitted one into my guardian no issues. Now it houses my hpa build. Bit extravagant for the hpa but it is what it is :joy::joy::joy:

i dont think they had the scythe boxes then?..dont quote me though i could be wrong

Someone else can probably help you out with the feeding issue better than myself, but anyway…

Is the gearbox cycling at all when you pull the trigger, semi or auto?
Sounds like it’s cycling but not feeding.
Is the mag feeding? You can check it with a 9 volt battery. Check the mag springs are ok.

Next I would take the box apart, and check the tappet return spring. Could be snapped or forgotten to put on.
Take off the sector delay chip, use the cast gears, and check everything is correct and in its place.
Check the polarity of the motor terminals are the correct way around when connecting the motor. Put the box back together.

See what happens from there. But I’m no expert, so take it for what you will.

Yes. That’s correct. One trigger pull on semi is one rotation of the sector gear, although some Blasters will occasionally double feed or overspin slightly. It’s fixable.

It’s not uncommon to have to remove some material from some recievers to fit the box. It shouldn’t be too hard to get it to fit. Dremel is your friend :+1:

It fits both gen 9 and V2 recievers. That’s what the h stands for…Hybrid.

If using the Kublai one piece cylinder/head, use the hybrid nozzle from Arzraels. Perfect seal on the nozzle, and suited to gen9 t piece, which is what you have.


hey mate

the gearbox is cycling fine, sounds find and i dont think it’s the mag because i can chuck it in another blaster and it would fire fine

i’ll try taking the sector delay chip off and i’ll even try changing the tappet return spring

probably my most expensive blaster i owe and it’s not working :rage: it’s really starting to shit me

yea it looks like i have to shave abit of the metal off around where the mag terminals ago

and i’ll give that hybrid nozzle a go

thanks for you help though

much appreciated mate :+1::+1:

No worries.
Let us know how it goes. :+1: