Help with my glock 18 auto

Glock 18 firing fine and everything was beautiful until something happend I don’t know what so when I put it on single shot mode it fires a few singles then goes automatic??? I don’t get it. Single shot mode then shoots out a few single shots then 3 or 4 even at times I goes 5 shot auto when I i haven’t touched the button. What’s wrong with it??

your button which is a tiny little momentary has either collapsed and intermittently changes modes or more likely is that your fet board is having a conniption and requires replacement.

luckily they are only 13$-ish bucks and not difficult to do

check the switch, or maybe need to change the auto/semi auto switch if necessary.

Ok get board is easy to change right?? The auto semi switch inside the ■■■ or the oil button outside ?? I asked tactoys about it but they don’t reply and I’ve only had it for 1 week. Man … they should replace it right?

Changing the board or buttons (not oiling) is easy

But if it’s new. Take it back.


you may have cooked the mosfet

Got tired of waiting for tactoys. They don’t respond very well when you have an issue. They assumed it was the switch an it was going to take 2 weeks to get it repaired. I just just opened it up and gave it s good clean and now it’s good. Weird.

Pleased you’ve had a win.

Unfortunately in doing so, TT have had no reason to change their behaviour and will likely continue treating customers as such.

I like my g18. I may even put it back together one day :sunglasses:

Thanks for you help mate it was good in a sense I Got to know the blaster better and will be doing my own repairs.

I’ll be waiting for the p1 from kublai also gas. Hope it comes out soon.

Fricken now after putting in a metal barrel from ebay and spring change my glock goes crazy just full on auto no stop what the frick happend? Circuit board change?

Careful with springs changes in them as some are just too strong…the other thing is make sure you put that black plastic plate over the top of the barrel in correctly…RIDGE FACING UP…or it doesn’t know the cycle has been done. The metal built in hop up barrel is crap anyway…you need to gut it and put a new tube in and an external hop up on.

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Hey mate… my glock 18 is doing the same thing… wheres the best place to get a better fet board from? Ebay? In store? Etc…


You can install the 90two board

Lo guido has done a how to on it

Easy as to do

He made it look easy.
Instead of fitting a 90TWO board with all attached wiring which is fiddly, he did it the hard way by only replaced the board after noting all connections, desoldering all wires on both boards and then soldering wires from existing wiring onto the 90TWO board.

He then cut the shell to add the 2 external pads for the 90TWO torch to make contact. That bit was just an try and see as the 90TWO torch is made for oversized rails and will not stay in place under the G18.

Temperamental switching between single and auto shots was most likely due to water from the gels. The t-piece is directly above the circuit board. A sealant or oil based spray will help.

I had the same problem with mine & found the little plate that hits onto the micro switch was popping out. I fixed it by putting a strip of duct tape over it & trimming the tape to back just inside the slide & that held it into the slots nice & firm. Havnt had a problem with it since.