Help with v3 rebuild

Hi all.
After watching a few videos I decided to do the o-ring and 1.3 spring.

The gear box was easy same with spring and o-ring. But this little clip fell out from some where. But I have no idea where or its use.

Anyway ideas??


It might be a clip of the rear pin, does the pin come all the way out?

Better photo

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Hey. Thanks for the reply. The rear pin did. But the front pin runs on a channel and didnt come all the way out. I just noted the front pin has a hole through it… but sure it doesnt fit there. I noticed it on my matt after I got the gear box out.

Edit* oh I see where you mean.
So does it sit on the small pin side? Thank you. For the record. My misses looked and reckoned it came from there too lol

Think its required??

Worked put how to get it back in place. Thank you very kindly. What shop are you from??

No worries at all :+1: Sometimes when I’m stuck the missus does come to aid with a different perspective :blush:

We’ve recently stopped selling on eBay because of way too many weird restrictions such as alloy buffer tubes, butt stocks and hand grips. But these EXACT same parts sell everyday, its just that they come attached to a full blaster.

So we’ve been setting up an online store 24/7 which hasn’t launched yet… Hopefully it will be up very soon as we have so much cool stock!

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Oh and the clip just stock the pin coming fully out, not completely necessary I think.

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Awesome. Ill keep an eye out for it. Thanks again and best of luck with the store :+1::+1::sunglasses:

You’re welcome and thank you!

And in case others have the same question… how do you get the top back on so the pull back works correctly? How should the spring be? It looks heaps big lol.
Thanks in advance

So I put the hk all back together. But now have a few issues.

Recap: opened the gear box to out in an o-ring and 1.3 spring.

Managed that fairly easy. Out it all back together and figured out the pin above. But;

A. I could not get the pull back to work. The spring now seems way too big for it. Can pull it back to open the dust cover. But it no longer snaps back.

B. No long fires correctly. Gels are mashed by the nozzle it seems and those that do come out of the barrel seem to have zero compression. Like the nozzle isn’t going far enough in the t-piece to get seated in to the barrel. I removed the pull back system for the dust cover in case it prevented the t-piece from getting to the nozzle correctly but made no diff

Action plan;
So tomorrow I am going to open the gear box and put the 1.2 spring back in amd make sure the tapper plate and is free and the nozzle is going as far forward as it can. And relook at the pull back system.

Any other ideas?

Make sure that the piston isn’t vacuuming, that could be causing the mashed up gels.

I would strip it down and make sure it’s all looking right and check the compression and make sure there’s no vacuum.

sweet thanks mate - working away to day at work - so hoping to get to it tonight and see if thats happening. Thanks again for the reply :wink:

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No worries, best of luck.

We’ve all been there.:joy:

Make sure you keep us posted with what you find.

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yep will do 100%, so if anyone else has the issue it may help them too :wink:

i used this video to rebuild my V3 gearbox (Alpha King AK)

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Ah thats awesome. Thank you for the post.

For anyone else that gets in to the same situation that I did above. A few tips;

First. The main issue I had was the plunger around the o-ring has too much lube or grease around it. This stops the air holes in the top of the plunger to allow air to pass through and out holes where the o-ring sits. It actually pulled gels in to the cylinder and mashed them.

Second. The plunger was not sitting in the gear box correctly. The cylinder walls at the back do not stay inside the gearbox case. They need to be flush with the gear box case. And not checking that meant the gearbox sat back and thus didnt allow the nozzle to be forward enough.

Also when putting the top back on. Dont try and slide it on. Instead have the spring and barrel + t-piece in the top section and tip the t-piece in to the bottom half amd line it up with the nozzle. Then bring the top down in an arc motion and clip it to the main receiver shell. THEN push it back in to final place.
This makes sure the nozzle seats in to the t-piece correctly.

The chargin handle setup; mine has a spring that I am very sure is too long. I think they compressed the spring with a screw and when I took it apart the spring popped out from the screw lip. So Ill be playin a it of guessing at a alter time to sort that out. But for now its working really well with a 1.3 spring and o-ring.

Cheers for all the help


I thought it may have been pulling vacuum.

Glad you got it sorted.

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