Hexagonal or octagonal PVC or plastic pipe / tube?

Just wondering if anyone knows where to get hexagonal or octagonal PVC ? Nylon or similar pipe , somewhere between 40mm to 60mm in diameter?

(ridgid , around 3mm internal wall)

Hmmmm :thinking: damn that’s a good question. I’m not even sure you can. What’s you need this for??? Making your own piston

Barrel handguard actually. I’m going to go a different direction for now. Seems the only way to get it in Australia is have a couple of hundred meters custom extruded.

Look for those shapes on barbeque table legs at Bunnings and places like that? Some of those plastic tables use extrusions of different shapes…

What about aluminium?

Ahh yess Rhodesian. Lol just also to touch on what calcifer said also try https://robotbuildingsupplies.com.au/product-category/steel-products/ they should have what you w

@Calcifer Yeah I’m keeping my eye open for stuff like that.
I’m actually on first name basis with bunnings staff. They have worked out not to bother asking me if I need help as I stroll around. I think it melts their brains when instead of asking “where are the (hardware thing)” they are asked “I’m looking for something x long, y thick, made of heat formable plastic that’s either red or orange.”

Now they just ask “Hey Marty, how’s the gun/time machine/robot going?” or “How’s Ruby?” (My dog)

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This looks like something you would like.
80 hours play time from one charge sounds unbelievable :open_mouth: