Hi-Capa CNC Slides

Hi all

In the market for a new slide for my We Tech 1911 4.3 Hi Capa. Really interested in CNC cut out slides (similar to ■■■■■■■ Masterpiece or Sanctus Customs).

Anyone know where similar ones can be bought from locally? GBU custom pistols have some nice honey comb slides - any idea where those are from?


Vulcan arms are supposed to be getting more stock in but I don’t know of anyone else that has them in Australia

I have to ask why you need a new slide for a pistol that was only released a few days ago :thinking:

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Thanks @Rattler. I saw they had stocked Glock sides, is there others that you know that are coming?

Nothing wrong with the stock slide - works a treat, but will look to change it out eventually (purely looks), so have started looking around.


He told me he has HI-CAPA slides coming but couldn’t give me a date

Gbu honey comb slides are full pistols command has them

Ok cool thanks mate - might have a look at overseas retailers too

Yeah i saw them too, but only after the slide. Cheers

Something like this?

If ordering from overseas considering the amount of seizures that have been happening I’d suggest emailing ABF with an image and a description of the item before ordering to see if it will pass customs. Obviously this is no guarantee but if you have it in writing they said yes which is why you purchased it you’ve definitely got a case for release if they do seize the item.

This slide turned up from redwolf yesterday, so things are getting through still. Risk involved still with importation still, but at least it isn’t a solid wall of assholery at the border


Yeah all my stuff seems to get through but anything “gray” I email about now just to check.

Yeah that looks pretty good!

This is one of the slides I’m looking at

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Looks good! How long did it take to arrive?

Very unfortunate company name :rofl:

About 2 weeks from placing the order

Yeah nice. That is the AM Alpha Slide?

Yup. Looks like I got their last one too, at least in that colour

Is that for a 5.1 or 4.3?

5.1, didn’t check for 4.3 on redwolf. Rainbow8 had 4.3 slides iirc.

I’m running a 5.1 gold match of gba infamy, so had a polycarbonate slide that I wanted to be able to replace