Hi & have question

Hello to everyone,
As a newbie I will no doubt ask some simple & at times dumb questions.
Please bear with me on these matters.
Ive recently purchased a couple of gel blasters & am looking at making improvements.
Im not after ridiculous results, just a better unit.

So 1stly I have a desert eagle & want to replace the plastic barrel with a metal.
Does anyone have an idea of how to remove/replace the barrel?

Thanks in advanced

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This teardown video by sarnd may be helpful: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ1m0qz35i8
He also sells a replacement t piece on ebay so you can easily swap in a metal barrel.


I have a 2nd question in relation to what I believe to be an early V2 Desert Eagle unit.
I was given this gel blaster by a mate.
Its rate of fire is slow.
My new blaster (definitely a V3) is around 89-90 rounds per 10sec.
This other unit (possibly a V2) is around 50-60 rounds per 10sec.
Is there a way I can get the better gearbox without having to but another complete blaster?
Ive checked out x-Force Tactical. They’re the only site here offering a gearbox but listing it as an “Original gearbox” so Im assuming its a V2.
No-one can offer me a rate of fire for this gearbox either.

Any suggestions please.

Zhenduo sell the gearbox but shipping will take over a month currently.

I didn’t think there was any difference beyond a nylon geared one and a plastic geared?
I’ve got the V2 nylon one and the rate of fire is about 6-7rps.

I dont know if ive replied to this yet but the difference between my V2 & V3 internals are,
V2 - White plastic & green barrel 5-7rps
V3 - Black plastic with clear barrel 8-9rps
Ive purchased a black unit & hope it has the improved fire rate.

As for the externals, the various manufacturers use similar injection moulds but the only visual external difference I can see is the safety slot in the moving carriage.
The M4A1- V3 version has the slot further along the carriage towards to muzzle.image