Hiding Rizer hop up 14mm thread

Anyone found a solution to hide a rizer hopup in a flash hider that is 14mm size. Haven’t had any luck so far finding something that can fit a rizer hopup inside it that is also 14mm ccw thread

Is this the “13mm” hopup or the larger (16mm) one?

I have a “13mm” one, and you have to get picky about the muzzle device, I have an A2 style one which has a 14mm hole all the way through (threaded at the back obviously) but most of the others I have have a narrower aperture between the threads and the rest of the flash hider, so don’t work with the hopup.


Ah i see, this is the metal v2 one so not too sure. Do you have a pic handy of your set up by any chance?

Ah you’ve probably got one of the 16mm outer diameter ones then.

The Worker 19mm flash hiders cover those pretty well, or the faux suppressor is the other option that I know of.

This is the “13mm” sitting inside what I think is the same “HK416C” muzzle device you can get from monkeemods at the moment (I got it somewhere else, the name escapes me now):

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For reference:



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If you don’t mind the look, suppressors in parts allow you to hide anything.