High Speed Builds

Alright so…

I’m in the process of making my first high speed build but I’m not totally sure on what i should buy for it so of course this is the first place i go to.

Im looking for:
25+ RPS
300+ fps but constantly

Looking for some advice on what some other people have done in the past and to see what works and what doesn’t.

Thanks in advance


a brand spanking new discounted Tinely 30K would be a great start, hit me up, apologies to you know who

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Shs high torque motor on 16/1 gears will do around 27rps

M110 will get you over 300 fps

I’m in same boat; about to chuck some 13:1s in a mk box with a Chihai 19k 28tpa motor…hoping for 20+ rps, but want to stay inside 30. Debating whether to short stroke one tooth at least, but mostly cos I’m concerned about how far back the piston travels…

I’ve done up one from scratch before but nothing too over the top

… managed 24rps with a chihai 39k motor at 7.4v using the stock 18:1 gears in an arp9.

Short stroked 6 teeth, and running a 1.3mm constant rate spring out of my wells.

And i cocked up with the short stroke, and took teeth of the release side, so shortened the timing on the tappet. Still feeds. So technically ive preped for a dsg setup … might give it a go. See how long the mosfet lasts :wink:

250fps thou. Still very accurate at range.

You can achieve 30+ rps using an option#1 motor and 18:1 gears at 290 odd fps running 11v, taking off 5 teeth.

We did that in a wells cqb. The cast gearbox wont last long thou :wink:

M110 should get you way over 300fps. A good air seal with a 1.18 ausgel will get you over 300. 1.18 ausgel is about an m85 equivalent.

Can second that I did a 1.18 build today doing in the 320s all day. Such consistent springs :heart_eyes:


It’s all about barrel length ported cylinder short stroke and air seals to get the right fps and spring size as well you need to get piston back in time so no pre engagement so with out knowing everything it’s to hard to say that’s why I said m110 because it will get you over 300 comfortable

any suggestions for a high torque/ high speed motors ?

i was thinking this??

doesnt that motor top out at around 50000 rpm with an 11.1 battery?? 39000 rpm on a 7.4??

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Can someone please explain what short stroking does?

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On high speed setups the gears can be moving so quick the sector gear makes its way around and tries to pick up the piston before the spring has had a chance to push it all the way forward. This is called pre-engagement and you can see if it’s happening by checking for damage on your ladder gear from where the sector gear is hitting the ladder.

You could go a stupid heavy spring to drive the piston forwar shut they cranks up thr fps too much and puts too much strain on the gearbox.

Short stroking solves pre-engagement by removing teeth from the sector / ladder. This changes the timing of when the piston is picked up/released allowing the piston to go fully forward before the sector gear tries to pick it up for the next round.

You do it by grinding teeth off the pickup side of the sector gear and the same number from the release end of the ladder gear


Roughly 15-20 fps loss per tooth when short stroking too.


… you sure? I took 6 or 7 (soo long ago, don’t remember), of the stock sector gear in my arp9, and fps dropped to 250, down from a spring out of my wells that was doing 300

Its a constant rate spring with is kinda odd ball all things considered.