High torque or High RPM / Gear Ratios?

Ok guru’s, its high time to throw a new motor into the M4 but this is virgin territory for me. Is a high speed or high torque motor better? And what is a good gear ratio to go with?

I was thinking something along these lines:

with maybe a 13:1 SHS gear set. Thoughts?

The motor looks great but I would advise no more than 16:1 gear ratio on a 3s lipo for your first foray into high rof. Even this setup will have a fairly swift rof but will require far less maintenance.
If you go the other way you will require more skill and may need to look at short stroking.


They are also available on ebay from within Australia for about the same place but faster delivery (and minus the GST from overseas) :money_mouth_face::+1:


for that motor from Ali… it is $US30.60 + $US4.99 = $US35.59 + $US3.55gst = $US39 which equals $AU56.50… so, $AU54-59 delivered (quickly) from ebay (Australia) looks pretty good to me :+1:

Also, the Ali pic shows a short snout Gen 8 motor in its pic for a J10… so you will probably end up being sent the wrong motor and have all of the back and forward or send back and refund stress… badluck

Yeah, I don’t mind using Ali Express for small purchases but didn’t really want to throw $50 their way for that reason.

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yeah nah yeah… every time I have gone to buy something from Ali… I first look on ebay and 9 times out of 10 I find whatever it is cheaper on ebay…

So, to me, Ali is like sending me ads to remind me to buy from ebay… how nice of them for the inspiration rofl


I don’t see that motor on eBay?

Probably not the exact motor, but there is no telling which are real, or clones of copies of real ones… or fakes of copied clones… or seconds of real ones…

I don’t know… I just buy the fake $26 buck ones and they seem to work well laughing%20(1)

I agree but the rpm was an important part of my recommendations, so if the specs completely change it would be moot :thinking:

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The short shaft motor is not right for a J10… the Gen 9 and J10 need the long snout.

These look purdy good to me… :crazy_face: avatar_22

Ok then I will change my recommendation.
Until you get some good experience I suggest this:
If you use a high rpm motor go with 18:1 on 3s lipo.
If you use a high torque motor go with 16:1 on 3s Lipo.

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It’s for an gen8 mate :+1:

Ok, I didn’t see where he said it was a Gen 8, I was thinking of my A4 Gen 9… never the less, a short shaft motor from ebay at $AU55 delivered (quickly) will do me…

Even tho I generally buy the half price fakes… coz I am a Cheapass pop

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I also buy a lot from eBay and have nothing against buying from there, but that motor is nothing like the motor in the original post ?

Bugga! :money_mouth_face::grin:

Has nothing to do with the original question of whether the best motor is high rpm or high torque either :thinking:

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to which I would answer… it depends if you want to do alot of single fire… or mainly do long bursts of full orto… single fire (water) would suit higher torque motor… to get the system going repeatedly quickly… if using auto, and you want high ROF… the high rpm may be best :thinking:

I. Am no fan of chaihai motors. And probably because I keep seeing clones

As rattler mentions, 16:1 is an easy place to move to and generally 24rps is plenty to annoy people and satisfy your sadist fetishes

High torque is really required for heavier springs…if you’re running a 1.25 / m80 or up to M90 you can get away with an average torque HS motor

If you’re heading down this track, it’s time to get a Watt meters and start fusing your hardware

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So true Hammie… there are so many copies and counterfeit motors… there is no way of telling if your motor is real or not.

That is probably the only good reason to buy, as an example, from this chihai seller… because it looks like an official ChiHai shop… but, that too could be a clever clone seller’s tactic? badluck laughing%20(1)

What does a watt meter do?

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