Historical/milsim load outs

Seeing as we are getting a variety of older platforms I thought I might kick things off with a history buff/ Milsim thread. Interesting to see the Thompson SMG to mix in with the SMLE NO1 MK111 and the Kar98. The future looks bright for those that enjoy history.
Here is some of my Vietnam era kit. The SLR is a replica not a blaster. Then there is the APS AK, CYMA M16A1 and Golden Eagle 1911 with some field gear.


Looks sweet I’m making a Vietnam kit myself also what force used the ak

The Vietnamese

Ok nice for my kit I’m going full authentic CYMA m16 with straight mags and GE 1911 with green gas mag (once they restock them). I have even gone as far to buy a retro looking phone piece that can plug into my walky talky to represent a field phone, actually works really well :+1:

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There’s a historical gel blaster group on Facebook if you’re interested.

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Will look at thanks :+1:

Officially the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and Viet Cong used the AK

Unofficially, some Australian, American and ARVN troops carried captured ones because they were more reliable than the M16. The other reason for carrying them is the Communists couldn’t tell the difference between the sound of the shot.

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