HK Blow back bolt lock system for sale

Hey guy I have a few blow back kits for the WARINTEREST HK416

Only 3 available

$50 each

I’ll put photos up soon

Is it compatible with any piston, or only the LDT nylon ones with the slot at the top?

It seems to me that it’s only going to work with LDT type gearboxes mate.

But then again you could build this on the LDT gearbox and install it into som other M4 but I think the bolt catch/release wouldn’t work.

All my blasters use an LDT style gearbox - but none of them have been rebuilt using the original piston with the cutout in the top for blowback, so what I’m wondering is whether I can use the aluminium piston that’s in my 416 currently, or would I need to switch back to the standard piston to allow compatibility?

You need to use a cylinder and piston with the cut out buddy.
All LDT blow back kits require this. Both the LDX and regular version.

Figured as much. Muchos gracias

No probs bud. :call_me_hand:t2: