Hk double bell breakdown

I cant comment on the hk but i have a db scar. No dramas with it. Its heavy though. Between ihobby and xforce i would go xforce due to after sales support and you have a shop front. Ihobby is online but charge bricks and mortar price so no point imo. I would reccomend the classic army hk i have one and no dramas, still weighty with metal gearbox, similar performance and half the price. And if you can wait for a special can get for mid 200’s.

Thanks for the advice mate. When is the usual sale event for the blasters? Boxing day, black friday ??? and how big is the discount usually if you could give an estimate?

Thanks heaps

If you’ve not bought before you can get 15% off Tactical edge with FRIEND-Q2JNGSR

Else they often have 20% off sales for pretty much every occasion you can think of.

X-force had their first sale in a long time for a few days recently which was about 10% I think. Ihobby you can get 5?% off using GBFmembercode as the discount code.

Hi mate,

I recently just got the same hk416a5 from xforce. The butt stock is absolutely a pain to change.

Also, does it happen to you that the dust cover is a bit filmsy? I’m thinking to swap it over for a metal one. What do you think?

Cheers mate

Sorry for the late reply!
Yeah it was a bit difficult the first time but you get the hang of it. CTR stock is a pain in the ass too hah

About the dust cover, I never really took notice that it was plastic lol I have 2 other metal blasters that came with metal ones so I assumed this was. I guess easier for them to manufacture these colour ones in plastic. Feels fine to me honestly though.

HK416A5 real steel has a polymer dust cover.

It is accurate to the real steel carbine.

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Nice! Love that accuracy.