HK MK V2 T piece

Hi all

Curious as to what T piece people have gone with when running an MK cnc in their HK416?

I’ve tried a FB alloy with wells cylinder head & nozzle and the T piece feed tube sits too far forward.

I’ve also tried the standard T piece and nozzle with a small rubber washer inbetween the front of the gearbox and the t piece to help space it out but it’s not quite right and I’m not 100% happy with it.

Curious as to which route people have gone with theirs.


Try a wells magazine, that should line up with the fighting bro t piece.
Never played with a HK416 so I have no idea if a wells mag will fit, you’d also need to use the mag terminal and probably trim the mag release so a bit of doodling around :call_me_hand:t4:

Or get a bruise master adapter set, but be prepared to cough up some coin for one of them.

Would a gen 9 t piece fit?