HK Post suspended 😟

Ah yes ping pongs wrapped in alfoil…sooo toxic :joy:


Nothing comes close to the orange cannons… Just PVC tube and hair spray… but could launch an orange, potato or coke can at least 200 meterskoolaid laughing (1)


Potato launcher ftw :joy: :rofl:
Missed building them


it is just a piece of 3" pvc tube and a joiner to 2" an end cap for the 2"… glue together … a small hole in the end cap for a barbeque lighter to push thru into the 2" pvc tube and a small hole in the 2" pvc tube to squirt in some hair spray… add various hand grips.

Stuff an orange, potato or can if it is a tight enough fit down the 3" tube and push it down to the 2" to 3" adapter… it cant go any further…

Spray some hair spray into the tiny hole to fill the 2" section with spray… when you squeeze the trigger on the bbq lighter… you will need to be hanging on tight laughing (1) and pay your own medical bills…

something along these lines… (just a pic for example from the interwebs)


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Let’s kick it up a notch… Pumpkin Chunkin


Yep, made plenty of them before when I was young. Had absolutely NO idea how dangerous they could potentially be until we set one off and one of the bolts went straight through the Post Office window at just under the speed of light. Not fun running at top speed with dacks filled with shit…