Hk416 build completed

Finally finished the look I wanted for my hk416

List of mods for those interested

Internal :
350mm 7.2mm ID stainless barrel
Green O ring
1.3 mm spring
11.1v turnigy ■■■■■■■ battery

External :

Red/ green dot sight (mounted with an additional riser to align with magnifier)
3 X flip to side magnifier
45 degree canted iron sights
Metal war interest mag
Green laser
MOE vertical foregrip
Rail covers
Metal screw on suppressor, which nicely hides the exposed longer barrel and the stock hop up


Sweet looking blaster :+1:

Did you get much more range/ power and accuracy?

First upgrades were the 1.3mm spring and green O ring

Difference was minimal, think it has a 1.2 spring in it stock

But the barrel I have in it has made a massive difference, more accurate and greater FPS for sure, I can’t give measurements as I have no chrono
But I can definitely say it hurts way more now :joy:

Next I’ll try a full cylinder and see how that complements the longer barrel because the stock cylinder is ported


You don’t need a full cylinder with a 350mm barrel and it will hurt your accuracy
I get 340fps out of a 1.18mm spring and an S/S 7.3mm ID barrel on a 75% cylinder

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Thank you that info will come in handy

Awesome blaster mate! Apparently my Gen 3 has arrived today, and what you’ve done is around 90% of what I intend to do! Looks the goods :+1:

Looks good, makes me want to have my 416 finished a little more

Hi mate did you have any mag feed issues I just put a 1.4 spring in it fires but nothing comes out of the barrel

Hi mate, what mag are you using with it?

Mine has occasional blockages with the metal mag but all I need to do it remove the mag and shake the mag well clear and then it’s fine

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