HK416 finally complete

Finally completed my HK416 build this week.
An LDT HK416 with many upgraded bits, but still using the stock V2 gearbox. I am not interested in super high fps, like to keep the accuracy good.
Anyway, I am pretty happy with it now.


Nice work mate. Tight looking kit.


Thanks ! Just did little bits at a time. Aim was to make it as robust as possible, while retaining the nylon reciever. Is very solid. Weight is 3.5 kg, like the real one.

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Shit hot bro, much internal work?

I really want to add one to the list. I need to clear the desk of these other build projects first, then I can reward myself… well this would be for the daughter.

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Not much internal work. Changed the inner barrel to a 7.5mm one, as the stock one is crap.

I saw another post saying the LDT build wasn’t as clean? Gaps and what not. Was that the case with yours?

Spoken like a true addict lie%20emo

In denial of course… violin

We all know they are ALL for you, no matter WHO you say the next one is for rofl

(Just like the rest of us) Bbbbwahahahah


Yeah, the stock nylon 416 has a bit of wobble with the handguard. But that was pretty much eliminated when I fitted the Gieselle handguard.

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Yep, looks clean and neat as, check your inbox :joy: