HK416 handgaurds

Has anyone tried putting these handgaurds onto the hk416 if so how hard was it/how much did you have to modify the handargurd?

They should be a direct fit , the only thing you would need is the inner and outer barrel to suit the length.

Most handguards come with a threaded adaptor that will screw to the front of your receiver, just take the old one off and replace it with the new one.


Cheers again mate appreciate it just made my life a hole lot easier

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Fishbone definitely.
Got two different ones for my Vectors.
They look great.

You will have to check the height of the rail.

If you place an M4 receiver next to an HK416D receiver you will find the top rail of the HK is about 10mm higher.

And unless it says for an HK my guess it will not. I think my friend stuck one on a Wells M4. So definitely won’t. …

If the rails do not match would the handgaurd still fit onto the receiver

Geisselle and Si Crux handguards fit the HK416 receivers

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@Failed_Abortion it should do as the receiver is threaded the same for M4 and HK it’s just the height of the top rail that will be misaligned