HK416 Magazine Compatibility

So I’ve got a Hk 3.0 and I’m wondering what mags are compatible with it outside of the stock ones and where I could possibly get some metal and tracer ones from, appreciate any info.

My local M4A1gelblaster had both the LDT pmag tracer and the metal mag last time I went in there.

The JM gen 8 magazine also works in the LDT HK416 if you’re looking for a cheaper option.

These go pretty well… check the listing for the tracer mag… $45.

I run a slightly modified LDT HK tracer mag in my Gen 9, but it fit my Gen 8 fine pre mod… so Gen 8 mags should fit your HK.

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Anyone know if this will fit?

I use this type gen 8 they fit in better than stock the little catch on the side of the mag is better. I’m waiting for the metal glow tracer may to show up like above so i’ll leave a comment on how it fits when it gets here.

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Yes, that will fit