HK416 Pistol Grip Compatibility

Just checking before I spend my precious money, The LDT HK416 is compatible with most 480 Motor grips, correct?

It should be yes

Be warned, if you dont own a dremel, you may need one :wink:

Ive had no end of issues getting G27 grips to fit blasters

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What do you mean by G27?

I have 2. One from m4a1 which i had to profile the shite out of to make fit onto my wells

And one i got given missing the baseplate that had some proprietary baseplate that needed a bunch of work to get to fit the aftermarket plate, and didnt line up on my cyma last night…

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Im looking at this one.

Dunno. So far ive had to dremel shit to make it work. Just saying so if you dont have one you might need one


Same on my metal WELL receiver/ Titan-Silverknight metal gearbox :roll_eyes:

Have yet to check fitment on the CYMAs ACRs or any other models :thinking:

Definitely need some work to fit correctly.

Oh. And highly recommend you make sure the 2 gearbox pins and mag release are fitted to to the lower receiver before attempting the grip fitment.