HK416 V2.5 worth upgrading?

I have my old LDT HK416 V2.5 with nylon gears, always planned on upgrading the gearbox internals however lost I lot of hope when the front was so unstable.
So here lays my dilemma, do I try and stiffen the handguard to the receiver, buy a V3 receiver or better yet get a metal one or do I just forget the whole idea, put it back together and accept its shortcomings and just use it as a plinking rifle in the back yard?
Any feedback on fixing the wobble in the handguard to the receiver would also be great as I was just going to dremel out a solid section internally into the upper receiver and put an alloy bar and screw that into the handguard once it is attached… aka a lot of work.

Depends if you like a challenge and/or have the time to invest.

I was in the same boat with my 2.5 (the dreaded wobble!), so I ended up selling it on eBay and buying a 3.0. Shortfall was about $100, which was worth it to me for the relatively minor effort to get those sweet 3.0 refinements, but YMMV.


Yeh that’s not a bad exchange, an extra $100 isn’t bad to upgrade it to a V3.
I guess I will try fix it and if I break it in the process no money lost, I have a new wells with the new V4 gearbox which is a weapon but I like my HK feel better

That’s so interesting guys, I have had a number of 2.5’s on the workbench and never encountered any wobble whatsoever. Do you know what was / is causing it?

I’ve got a v2.5 and worked on a few others and I’ve not noticed any wobble either… maybe a bad batch were made??

My 2.5 feels great and has always been very accurate

Yeh my first one was so bad I took it back and the next one was significantly stiffer but not perfect, however mount a sight and you can see just how much drift is in the barrel with the movement of the handguard, I can shoot a meter off target at 10m and so forth.
Maybe I did get a bad batch, the upper receiver is really flimsy and by tightening the front pivet pin the wobble got better but still pretty bad, the flimsy upper receiver is 100% the cause of all my problems, I can squish and manipulate it without any effort. I bought mine when they were first released so maybe I got a dud? I love everything else about the 416 though, probably gonna build an uber 416 from the ground up or just buy the hawkex shell

Perhaps being the first release it was just one of the issues that they rectified quickly. I have heard about the wobble before but I’m yet to experience it.

I feel like there wasn’t much time between the release of the 2.5 and 3.0, but one of the touted 3.0 improvements was handguard rigidity.

Good to hear that not all 2.5’s were affected, but it was common enough.

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I have a metal top rail for your 2.5 here brand new in bag. I purchased it for my HK while I was waiting for it to be delivered and didn’t realise at the time that the V3.0 don’t need it. So if your still looking to stiffen up your 2.5. PM me…