Hk416 vs Kublai k2

first off the hk416 and Kublai k2 blasters are both exceptional blasters both nylon receivers metal accessories but the line has been drawn in the sand. which side would you stand on🤔.???

LDT HK416 alllllll day! Doesn’t even need upgrades, just a good all rounder with medium accurate power, quiet and beautiful.

yes but unfortunately in my opinion there’s no such thing as a mod free blaster l😜. it’s definitely the tech coming out in me I can’t help myself it could be the best blaster ever built and I still wouldn’t be able to fight temptation of continuesly inspecting and test firing it to see where I could get more out of it.

Not much more you can get out of it without increasing its decibels. Is 220 out of the box, and I am yet to see gels shoot well once you get to 300fps, 260-280 is the key. The stock HK is my quietest and most accurate at the moment. Accuracy is an A4 sheet at 20m with almost no misses except random flyers.

Until now…these puppies have finally arrived!
I have the MPX and Titan LBB preordered, waiting on the mail now!

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:had my eyes on the trio from chainsaw but damn that’s alot of $$$ maybe if I ever had endorsements or sponcership lol

Yeah and now they are in stock the prices have come up slightly. But hopefully they are nice and accurate.

I got the Kublai, mainly because I got $103 of the rrp with a discount code. I probably would have gone the HK if I had to choose… But, everyone knows you don’t just get one blaster, and everyone knows that those blasters don’t stay stock for long :muscle:

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I would love to be able to support local shops and businesses, I simply can’t afford to pay the ankle grabbing premium prices… so I just have to make the best I can out of stuff off ebay…

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I would kick the cr@p out of the line…

And buy one of each (at least) :grin:

The HK416 is pretty good, got one myself, but did have to swap out the barrel for a 7.5mm one to get any sort of decent accuracy, the stock barrel is crap.

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