Hk416d 3.0 mag prime

I recently got cyma long barrel and im really enjoying the mag prime feature was just wondering if any of use have pout one in the HK
My HK416D is my most modified blaster and my favorite to use so any pointers on how to pout a mag prime in would be mutch appreciated

I don’t know but I’m also interested. Would the old Gen8 mag primes with the switch in the charging handle work?

I was wondering the same thing i gotta pull my gerbox apart tomorow so ill have a look wile im at it and let you know if it looks like it will

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I’ll be fitting a UV LED to for glow gels and a mag prime switch as well. I’ll post on how it went and what I did :wink:


Pre load / mag prime chip installation

yeah mines a manual mag primer switch tho :stuck_out_tongue: so my setups a few bucks for a UV LED & Resistor to run on 3s lipo for glow gels, some glue, a micro switch, a diode & some wire and solder. Much cheaper then those fets.

But those fets are so awesome as well :slight_smile: I am doing the poor mans way lol

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Looks like the preload chip Galapagos J used can be purchased separately to the MOSFET. He installed both at the same time but you don’t have to. I haven’t personally tried it yet

yeah I watched the videos on them - really awesome setup, just happen to be between work atm - hence doing the same thing - just in a different way lol

I have one of these mag prime chips installed on my HK416D V3.0… I purchased it with a few other things from AK Uncle on Ali after seeing GJ’s videos.

They are very easy to install and work a treat.

They are easy to setup for how long you want it to prime for on insertion of the mag as well…

only down side I’ve noticed is if you have inserted the mag and its primed and you have to for any reason remove your mag and reinsert it will of cause try an reprime again. So I normally just press the little button on the mag and dump the gels into my hand and repack into the mag or if I’m in the thick of things just dump them to the ground and reinsert.

All in all an excellent little upgrade I reckon.