Hk416d missing spring?

Hi All,

My first post and I need some help please. I’ve torn down my gear box and I can’t seem to find where this spring goes?
It in the bottom left of picture, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I believe that is the Anti Reverse latch spring

it attaches on the underside of the reverse Latch which is(bear with me i do not know the name of the gear) the thing that attaches to the underside of the gear closest to the pinion(pinion is the thing on top of the Motor). wait here is a picture
KA_antireversal_latch (1) Its a quite

Hope this helped, have a good day



Thank you sooooo much that is it!!!
Have a great day too :blush:

All good.It not often i get the chance to help a fellow enthusiast, I enjoy helping where i can :+1:

What could pawsibly go wrong?

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what you mean?