Hlf arp9 has arrived

Well here is my ARP9 from Armoured Heaven for $300 on pre order. Having fun with it,been reliably shooting well no issues thus far.Have more magazines coming. The only issue I see is the V2 gear box when replacing the spring,has metal gears,metal inner barrel and solid nylon shell. I’ve seen issues with the wiring when taking off or putting the XYL top receiver back on,there are some cables/wiring to look out for.The magazine for mine has a better opening if you have gloves on and the gels don’t spill out when opening to reload. When releasing the mag not many gels fall back out of the receiver,the XYL however can have alot of gels fall out apparently on YouTube in one Video up to 20 gels would fall from the receiver when ejecting the mag. The HLF is good,not perfect also the XYL has great features and is too a great product, however I dont care about the lack of instructions,the look of the box it came in (I don’t put my boxes on display,lol).I’ve put the SLR on the front instead of the Goofy orange end cap. Have put front and rear sights on.Overall I’m happy.Take care and have a great week. 20200206_124228-1-1|690x396 ![20200206_124249|281x500](upload://hZQfRB64DRy00TdOSuJ6dMwhen AnQxc.jpeg)


Cant wait to bling mine up with my threaded silencers

and a stainless outer barrel


Funny story, my inner barrel fell out of mine this arvo. Was actually a blessing in disguise, because I wanted to put a 7.3 barrel in and had no t piece

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Def go stainless inner barrel bro, thatll be my no 1 priority