Holy Vector Batman

My twins :heart:


I’m going to have to make a custom mag for the vector I think… If they looked like that with the mag in it would be perfect.
There are short mags but don’t think they hold many gels at all. (and with the vector rate of fire…)

Nice work!

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Thanks, yeah I actually like the look with the mag but a drum mag in on my shopping list

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Hiya Marty.

You can get short mags for the Vector.
I have seen them somewhere…
Probably eBay.

They haven’t had stock for ages

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Awesome work man, I finished mine today. Metal gears, 1.3 spring, non-ported cylinder, nylon plunger, longer alloy barrel. The slimline hopup I bought is a failure though, it smashes all the gels, gotta find an alternative that fits inside the silencer.

Btw I like the blue stickers!

Vector for life! :grin:


Nice bro !
I am using a DK slimline and it works perfectly.
The top one in my pic has 1.3 unequal spring, metal gears, bearings, shs piston w/ metal head , brown o ring, fb metal nozzle, stock cylinder, metal rails, metal blackout kit, nylon hand guard, stock barrel and t piece, DK hop up not slimline, defiance stock, 3s lipo. Holo sight and metal sticker set
It groups 6" at 20meters .
The bottom one has stock nylon gears, bearings, non ported cylinder, stock piston, brown o ring, stock motor, metal blackout kit, slimline DK hop up, metal buffer tube adaptor, x power buffer tube, metal rails, defiance stock, stainless flash hider, iron sights and metal sticker set.
This one also groups the same at 20meters.
I use the heavy milkies grown to 7.4mm

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Oh btw they are just chrome stickers, its just the reflection from the blue sky but it does look cool

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What fps roughly are yours firing at? im in the process of building a vector at the moment. it’ll have a 18cm alloy barrel, cheaper metal gears, hopup, nylon metal tooth plunger with alloy plunger head, chihai motor. you think a decent 1.4unequal would be too much for it? need to stay close to the 300fps.

I can’t say for sure since I don’t have a chrono but I would guess around 300fps.
Now this may sound strange but I actually use a different method of testing to anyone else that I know of.
I get my wife to shoot me from 3meters and 10 meters in the stomach with 3 shot bursts and compare the pain and the whelt it leaves !
I have a Therory about fps and I don’t use it as measure of how good a blaster is.
I have tested 367fps blasters that just don’t hit as hard at 10m as another one thats only 300fps.
I have studied this and my belief is that some setups are not efficient at delivering the kinetic energy as some more efficient setups. Maybe the spin on the gels make them lose energy quickly plus they need more hop up to control and that also loses energy.
A while ago a mate bought a well g36v2 and just used it completely stock, he was worried that his blaster was going to be crappy compared to all the super modded blasters everyone else was using and that he would just get pounded and couldn’t do the damage we could.
Well I can tell you this, that day I noticed his g36 was hitting me like a bitch compared to all the others, I am thinking WTF !
Did he lie to me ? No he didn’t, his stock g36 hits hard !
This is why I started researching to try to work out why.
I believe the well g36 and m4 are superior to other blasters in efficiency at delivering the kinetic energy than other blasters .
Now a chrono only measures fps straight from the muzzle so to me it is no measure of anything usefull.


Barrels to me can either make or break your Vector well actually more the t piece.
Every t piece I have tested except for the stock orange one was infact a down grade.
Tight bore barrels require more knowledge of growing gel balls , which is also true for the 7.5mm barrels .
The 1.4 spring is also much harder to tune and require more knowledge plus it puts everything under more strain.
I personally don’t use anything over 1.3 now.
I have tested everything from 1mm to 1.5mm springs

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i totally understand where you are coming from with the how hard different blasters hit like.
I have 2 concerns. 1. will the cheap metal gears last with the unequal 1.4.
2. i go out to the field for the day and my blaster gets banned due to being over their limit.

Actually I think my Vector is pushing more than 300 but I don’t know for sure.
When I had the 1.4 unequal spring in I tested it on a mates chrono and this was the repeatable result, but I didn’t like it, it was not accurate enough for me.

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About your concerns.

  1. I don’t know, it depends on many things.
    How well the gears are setup and shimmed,
    The quality of the gears and lubrication.
  2. I can’t help you with that, the only way to find out is to put it through a chrono
    I am pretty certain that with a 1.4 spring you will be over 300
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ok thanks. i might just re-order and get a couple of 1.3 unequals.
i put a 1.3 in my brother in-laws and was getting 295-306 consistently.
Who are you buying your springs from? They seem very hit and miss.
Thanks for the info.

I got them from x force tactical.
They are fantastic to deal with.
I have also bought manganese springs from Chainsaw products and they were good too.


Getting some from Aussie Orbee Blasters to see how they go.

Cool let us know how they go :+1:

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Also getting some viton orings to see how they go. Will keep you posted.

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puts on his batman voice who can resist those hot twins