Hop Up for Game Master Tight Bore Barrel

Looking for the best possible hop up to mount directly to the game master stainless barrels. Slimline would be nice.

Ideally a non adjustable one that just work. I have an adjustable and i’m not overly happy with it as i am having a lot of milkies explode in it, even after filing and sanding the inside smooth.

Well imo you need them adjustable. If you want something solid then there is a full metal one out now by RZ, I’m waiting for it to come in the mail.

But the best quality one I have is the DKJ10 believe it or not. The slimline I got for my Vector was the worst print job of them all.

Metal sounds good. Dont trust the printed ones, they’re too rough on the inside.

Metal may sound good but the proof is in the pudding…

Jury is out