Hop up recommendations?

I have the XM-316 gen 8 stock (comes with alloy barrel 7.5inner barrel, 9.5 outer barrel approx) and was wondering about which hop-ups are compatible, What would you recommend? Was looking at the Rizer R1 V2 metal hopup or ATK HOPUP FOR M4A1?

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hey Sean, welcome.

i’m a rizer fan all the way

so much so i’m fitting one to my glock for sNg

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I jerry rigged a War Interest barrel hop up onto my m90Two… made a huge distance to the accuracy and range but seemed to lose a bit of grunt.

Just have to come up with a pretty way to incorporate it into a silencer now… good times :joy:

The DK j10 hop up screws on to the end of your outer barrel, I still use these on my two most accurate blasters

I also fitted one into a worker suppressor, it’s a perfect tight fit in the flash hider part and I pushed it in until it was flush with the back of the flash hider, now I have a screw on flash hider suppressor/hop up and can screw the silencer over the top.



Thanks zeHamish, yeah the Rizer’s seem like they have a preety good rep

Thanks Rattler, will give this a look!

Rizers work well on my ACR’s and then so does this War Interest universal one also.
When I bought them I was told by the sales person that I didn’t need to fit the grub screws to the side holes in the front of the hop up, so at first I didn’t. I found the upper tongues would be a little loose and accuracy was not what I was hoping for. Then I fit the 2 grub screws that secured the tongue in place once adjusted and found it was a lot better. Anyway I also like how the hop up sits snug in the flash hider and the silencer and supports the inner barrels.