Hopup Help! and spread issues

Heya everyone,

Pretty new to the GelBlaster scene and have been doing it with my brother, we have both recently modded our blasters and are having issues with Hopups. I am running a modded Vector V2 and he has a Wells M401. Both have metal barrels, 18:1 metal gears, Green O-rings, bigger springs and the Wells also has a new cylinder + piston. We are unable to give you an accurate measurement on FPS but its clearly much higher than stock.

We both have the issue of Milkies often flying out of the barrel and travelling up (or down), not just a little but about 5metres up at about 10-15m distance. Also inconstant spread on a large majority of the shots, this includes semi and full-auto. (Without a hopup), if we try and hopup we basically destroy 95% of the gels, even after slowly tweaking the hopup from top to bottom each shot.

Gels are being soaked the night before we do testing, so at least 8 hours in water and kept moist up until loading into mags. There is a little movement in my barrel with the Vector, I haven’t gotten stabilising Orings yet but have ordered them, apart from that gels are leaving the barrel without anything else, no silencers or additional modification to the end of the barrel.

Not sure if anyone can throw some advice or might know whats going on but its not ideal right now. Also tested with 7v and 11v battery, basically same issues.

Appreciate your time to help.

May I ask what size springs you used and also what brand hop ups
Also what barrels


My spring is a 1.4, Alloy 28cm Barrel, Slimline Hopup (Vector)
His spring is a 1.3, Default Barrel, with a Wells Hop-Up (Not sure on brand, from Tac Edge)

Do you know the id of the barrels

Sorry no, I don’t have anything to measure them with, he is using the barrel that came with the M401 though

Ok so a 1.4 is going to be difficult to bring under control on the vector and I have found to only hop up worth buying is a DK.
The Wells should be easily achievable with the stock barrel as long as the hop up is good and the gels are a suitable dia.
Tuning after upgrades can be a nightmare if you don’t have a lot of experience.

Rattie is right, the size of the gels and the id of the barrel is important. From watching gel testing/comparing on the intertubes (Guido’s I think) … the gold packet milkies were around 7.0mm and the new red packet heavy milkies are 7.4mm… so, if you have a 7.5mm barrel, the gold packet (7mm) are too small for any hope of velocity or accuracy.

You need to find the od of your barrels and choose the larger milkies… or balls that will grow to around that size…

A vernier caliper is your friend. :grinning:

Here is Guido’s comparison vid… You may or may not need some valium to watch it :grin: thanks Guido.

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The size is the other way round.
Gold’s are smaller than the red packs

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You are right rattie, so I edited it correct

Here is his (Guido’s) second part testing lots of different milkies…

Thanks :slight_smile: now I just need an inexpensive way to measure them :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the simplicity of the 2 alloy angle bars he uses and catching them in bins like he did… those bins look like the same woolies 10 liter water containers that I buy to soak my balls in… :open_mouth:

No… no… my GEL balls silly! :roll_eyes: