Hopup problems with Vector

Just got my nonadjustable hopup delivered today for my Vector v2 It has no grub screws and is so sloppy fitting that it just cannot stay on the barrel.
This is the discussion on ebay.

me:Could you tell me how to fit this to the Vector please.

Them: Hey mate so basically it slips on the front of your barrel, make sure it pushes all the way till it’s stops. Should cover about 20mm of the barrel

me:I tried that but I only have about 1cm of barrel sticking out from the outer barrel and its sloppy, not a tight fit at all.

them: Okay now the outer barrel should twist off and then it slips on

me: Then I’ll have a clear plastic unprotected tube with a hopup stuck to the end, not going to look good at all.
Can you give me your return address and I’ll send it back.
Thanks for your help anyway.

Get a DK hop up , just about everything else I have tried is crap .

This one works perfectly

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Thanks I’ll get one.

hey mate i just received this exact model today i was wondering if you could tell me how to install it as im kind of new to gel blasters, cheers

It fits pushes on to the end of the plastic outer barrel the one that the small flash suppressor fits on.
Take the flash suppressor off and put the hop up on in its place

Thanks mate you are an absolute legend

No problem !
Maybe when I die I might be a legend :+1:

Mine arrived today and works great