Hot turnigy battery in modded blaster

Hi all

My acr is having an issue with the battery getting really hot. My battery is an 11v turnigy 1000mah and my motor is an x-force high torque motor. I’m running an mk box correctly shimed and a xforce m150 spring. Any thoughts on why it heats up so much? I was thinking load but it’s not a massive setup in the Air sft world.
Would a different motor help? One with higher torque?
Is there a better battery available with a higher C rating?
Has anyone done a 480 motor conversion? And would that help?
Any thoughts or ideas?

My thoughts is that motor is asking that battery for a shit load load to pull that spring back and yep it’s gonna get hot! A higher torque motor would be better. A wiring upgrade and hi amp connectors would go a long way in helping too!
Also check your gears are shimmed right and not to tight causing too much drag on the motor.


Thanks for your reply. Yeah. It’s got silver wires and an xt30 plug. I’ll have a look at the shimming and make sure I didn’t mix them up last time I opened the box.

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Aren’t those x force high torque motors like 18k rpm so 28tpa? That should be able to pull that spring no problems… then again I haven’t looked at one of those x force motors and it could be just plain rubbish.


Yeah it’s 18k rpm.