How can I turn my shotty into a slugger?

Hi all, new here.

Looking to turn my m97 into a slugger instead of being the gel hungry monster it currently is. Any advice?

Also, am looking to add a stock onto it, wanting to know if I’d need a buffer tube to add the m97 stock to it?

Found it funny that the word g u n was censored on here :joy:

You can use the specific M97 Buttstock and you don’t need a buffer tube or you can use a buffer tube and fit any Buttstock you like.
If you keep the M97 level when cocking it will shoot a single round or if you put the muzzle downwards it will shoot multiple gels


Thanks Rattler, Any buffer tube or is there a specific tube for the m97?

It a normal buffer tube thread so all standard buffer tubes will screw straight in



Looks sweet as, whereabouts did you get your expanded hopper, buffer tube and stock? Was looking at the $20 AR style stock and a gen 9 $25 buffer tube on tactical edge

I got it from X-FORCE.
Yes those will fit straight on

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@Rattler Hey mate you wouldn’t happen to know of anyone that has a m97 that could give me some dimensions on a small internal part would you?

Forgive my lack of knowledge of part names

The part I’m missing is near the silver dust cover, it appears to sit above a small spring and just behind the black bit that the barrel sits in

I have one but not in bits sorry.
If it’s something I could measure from outside I am happy to do it

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Thanks mate, but nah I’m good for externals at the moment, it’s literally only the one small part that’s frustrating me as some of the gels fall into that area and just end up mashing up all through the action without it

Tried to PM you about this Rattler but I was unable too,

Just very curious on where you got that butt stock from?

It is the one off my Kublai MK18 K2

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ooo, thank you, I need to hunt one down now lol


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thank you man!

Purchased =]

Hey mate, you wouldn’t happen to know the name of the part that I’m after would you? Might make a google search easier. My only complaint about the m97 is that it didn’t come with a user manual of sorts that I could use as a reference

I would love to be able to help you but the M97 is the only blaster I have that hasn’t be apart yet so I have no idea what is on the inside sorry.

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All good mate, if you do have a look at it’s guts, would you be able to measure up that part for me? If not would you be able to point out someone that could?