How do attach the cylinder head to the plunger?

Sorry for the noob question but I’m not sure how I’m supposed to put the cylinder head onto the plunger.
Any tips appreciated :slight_smile:

A noob question it is but we all have to start somewhere.

Remove the screw from the head.

Slip the bearing assy and screw into the piston and with the screw poking out the end, attach the head.

Ensure it is tight so it doesn’t come loose during use.

loctite is your friend

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Like this? Because the screw would be to small of I added the small red part.

No, put the bearings inside the piston

Right, ill let you know what turns out.

I got it thanks :slight_smile:

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Remember put a bit of thread lock on the screw, sometimes they work loose. :+1:t4:


Hey rattler, just a question.
On my gen 8.5 because the box is nylon I’m not sure it has the return spring pole and i have no idea where it would go. Any help is awsome :slight_smile: