How do I measure the outer barrel?

I really want to know how the outside barrel is measured. I am thinking of changing the T piece to an LDT and using one of those generic barrel adaptors with the 14mm ccw thread. I am getting confused as to how to know what length outer barrel I need. Some come with the adaptor some are just bare barrels, it is doing my head in :exploding_head: :exploding_head: HELP!


So, is this just a question that is too dumb or doesn’t anybody want to commit to it?

The short of it is, the CYMA has a mongrel outer barrel setup and it uses grub screws to lock the outer barrel into the adapter. These are now vibrating loose, sure I could put locktite on them and then probably strip them out trying to get them out later. I really hate stripped out allen key grub screws.
Changing the Adapter and the barrel to a universal with 14mm screw in will give more stability and align the inner barrel properly all the time, plus the added advantage of the LDT T peice I can use more common magazines.
So, where is he outer barrel measurement taken from…?


It’s usually shoulder to shoulder of the outer barrel excluding any threaded section for muzzle breaks and silencers.

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@blek, thank you. so I dont include the adaptor in the measure…Great news :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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If you were buying a one piece barrel it would be the full length from adapter stop at the receiver end to shoulder of muzzle tip but excluding the threaded muzzle adapter - clear as mud :thinking:

Doh…as clear as the Yarra…I understood that last bit “excluding etc”.

Hope this helps - top image one piece barrels and bottom image barrel extensions

@blek, now that’s how you teach infantry, (although I left that in 1987 LoL) draw me a picture.

I fully understand the measuring requirements now and shall be able to order what I need ASAP.

Thank you very much for going the extra bit and drawing in these lines mate.

Cheers, truly appreciated. Jeff

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