How Important are brand names?

I thought I would have come across this by now but it appears to me I would have missed it or it hasn’t been spoken about

In the next couple of weeks, I’m about to build my own Lucky to be you gearbox for my UMP, I’m not one to be scared to spend money but if I’m I can save some money on some things it’s always a plus and more money I can invest,

For Gears that’s simple I’m either going fighting bro or SHS, I want I think is the best for a very important part but other things I’ve seen sometimes 50% difference on a Fighting Bro Cylinder Head and one on eBay? I know air seals are important but aren’t it just good O rings that make the different etc?

Thanks in advanced guys =]

It’ll all about the size and composition with o rings. To me, high quality o rings tend to be a little softer and more pliable than stock o rings from tool shops and seem to work more efficiently.

I’ve used standard o rings on blasters with not so great results and a little bit of vacuum on the back stroke going on… but if they’re all you have at hand you can use them. :+1:


Even good quality o rings are available in different duro’s (Hardness) and also different compounds


Pretty well most Fighting bro parts are :poop:


Really?? everyone talks about them they are one of the best etc, now I’m not so sure haha,

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About the only FB part I use is the metal t piece.


If you stretch the green O ring and it stretches easy and goes a bit white and scaly… and is slow to return to shape (or breaks)… it is :poop: wherever it comes from badluck

It would be good if people all report here where they got their O rings from and if they were

or not… then we can all avoid the really mega shit ones…

I’ve previously had FightingBro in my blasters but I wont moving forward.
I ripped them out of my M4 and SAW and replaced them with SHS.
For the same money, the SHS are better quality, seem to fit better, and for me have been far more reliable.