How long do batteries last?

I have the standard 7.4v batteries that ship with the gen8 (black&grey checkered) and the gen9 (blue) and also the 11.4v 2000mAh bought at tactical edge. Can anyone give an estimated time these things last? mins/hours/mags?

Depends on spring and motor. Impossible to give an accurate estimate. Best thing to do is fully charge your battery. Run 10 or 20 mags through it then either plug the battery up to a cell checker and read the percentage left in battery or charge it back up and see how many mAh goes back in. If u used 20 mags and the battery has 50% charge left then you could safely say that you can get 30 to 35 mags.

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Thanks for the info. Just wanted to know if I’ve got enough batteries to attend a gel ball field for a session.

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Half a dozen orta do it die%20dillon

If you have a strong spring, using single fire/water tends to use the batteries faster. It is easier for the blaster to start once and run a while, than keep starting with no running…

You have to remember also… with LiPo batteries… it is bad juju to let them get below about 3.6v per cell, so 2S, below 7.2v or so and 3S below 10.8v… But remember one cell may go lower than the others which stuffs the battery… so to avoid wrecking LiPos, it is good to have a low cell monitor secreted on your blaster somewhere… so you can see the voltage without the alarm going off at the worst possible moment icon_e_ugeek badluck

I recommend you buy one from Aus ($5) just to get one quick…

Then buy 10 from China (for $18) but they will arrive on the slow boat… at least you have one to get by on til they arrive…

Lithium Ions are more tolerant of going lower than a LiPo does… but still not good for them. Neither like to be recharged hot either… best to let them cool before charging.

You can also take a spare car battery to power a B6 or equivalent charger… so, once they cool, you can have more on charge…:+1:

Hey guys, I will be looking at changing from std 7.4 to 11.1 v Lipo after my first 2 sessions at my new found addiction, and have been lurking and studying up for a week or so now!
With the volt meters you have suggested do they connect in series or parallel to the battery connector? And do you have a pic of how you have fixed one to your blaster? TIA.

They plug into the balance/charging plug on a LiPo… or multi cell Lion… and with a charging extension lead, the volt meter can be anywhere in or on the blaster :+1:

Google fu “Ohm’s Law”. Should give some indication.

Ohm’s law can be a guideline, but it cant take into account how much inertia from what thickness spring, the accurateness if the shimming, the gear ratio, the voltage drop from the wiring or the percentage of single fire to longer running in auto etc

Lots of variables that can shorten play time for batteries pop

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No to mention 2000mah batteries that are actually less than 1000mah :no_mouth:


What @Rattler and @Calcifer have added is quite right.

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Thanks for all the info and suggestions guys.

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Awesome I’ll look into getting one,
Got some batteries today, oh boy what a difference!
Gotta stop spending money :woozy_face:

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