How low or empty can my hpa tank pressure on the main valve (4500psi) go to still use gel blaster

  1. how low or empty can my U88 hpa tank pressure on the main valve (4500psi) go to still use gel blaster with the micro reg valve set to 100psi

  2. approx how many M4 mags are people getting out of a U88 tank filled to 4500psi with micro reg set at 100psi

Not sure on how many mags but I get a whole day of speedqb out my carbon 48 4500psi and the same out of my aluminium 48, I can run both down to 500psi b4 it affects the engine f2 running 3 dp 330fps 100psi

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So my U88 going thru a Jack should last a morning of outdoor field blasting…


A u88 on my minigun at 60psi (260-280 fps) will run about 8 mag dumps (1600-1800 gels). Maybe even more, but the session is always over before I get that far.

You should be able to run yours with wild abandon through a 3 hour session comfortably.

I didnt get the maths on that one.
8 M4 mags doesnt seem alot
and If I am using 100psi then even less seeing your using 60psi
Correct me if I am wrong

I will update after Saturdays play on my usage

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Minigun, not m4. Holds about 1600-1800 gels a load.

Not an exact apples to apples comparison, but it does give an indication of how many gels the tank can fling down range

Thought the 1600/1800 was total not per mag
Thanks for the update
Well that does sound a lot better…

For my first HPA experience with my U88

  • 4 HR outdoor field session
  • Started the day with 4500psi
  • 3 refills at 3000 to 2000 psi from a 200 bar tank.

You are spot on about the 500psi my gels dropped off at around 450psi left in tank.

Of course it depends on your FCU settings with RF, DP etc to how much air is being used.
I have since toned down the settings to see what I can get away with.
Good to find the balance between performance and consumption.

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