How much is the limit spring size can be use to metal gearbox shell? is it M145 spring still ok?

im new here.
hope can found so much idea here for my blaster.

Here is a stress test video showing the APS box successfully running a M190 spring.

damnn…i likeeee…
thanx mate for the video…

Nice looking blaster too mate, well done.

thank u…
will try put M145 spring on my nwell soon.

Only problem is using any spring over a 1.3 you start to lose some accuracy with gel balls…I was waiting for the weak spring brigade to step in :rofl:

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yup thats true mate.
b4 this im using m95 spring, now im using m125 and wanna try a bit higher of spring.
haha dunno will the ldt milky heavier gel can stand it…try n error…

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Anything more than an M110 is a bit excessive for gel blaster. Unless you run DSG, but that’s also a bit of a waste of time too.

Only thing a m130 and above is good for is when your friends get married and you need a confetti cannon…

@LowGuido @Arty_Marty if using more than an M110 spring, what do u guys think is the suit ratio gear nice to use besides using a high tourqe motor?

18:1 is fine you could go lower but 18:1 is fine.

@LowGuido ok notedđź‘Ś
Thanx mate…