How to adjust builtin LDT HK 416 3.0 Hopup?

halo, iam new member here, i just got my LDT HK 416 3.0 ,but i lost my QR code to adjust hopup, is there any body know how to adjust the builtin hopup ? ,thanks

Hi mate, welcome to the forum.
The adjustment screw sits in the slotted hole at the front of the gas block :+1:

How effective is this hopup?

Is it more effective when used in conjunction with another end barrel hopup?

It’s good, but it does sort of just sit in the outer barrel and holds by friction; it’s not fastened in place with grub screws or anything. You can still correct left / right by by putting the Allen key in the top adjustment and twisting the hop up left or right. I love that I can fit my tracer unit on and watch the glow gels fly off into the distance. The tracer unit is so much better than the Warinterest glow mags. Just too bad it’s a bit ugly but well worth $50.

@Blaster_Parts thanks a lot hahaha

@zeHamish Yeah this system works good, providing (I think) you don’t go crazy with 14mm CCW extensions and muzzles after the hop up. If. I could get some time I’d try your double hop up idea but sheesh… Gel blasters keep me bloody busy! “No time to play, until the daily orders are away”

Is there anyway to disable the built in hop up? I want to put an internal one in.

Do you mean you want to put an External one in?? The built in hop up is internal it sits inside the Gas block.
You can remove it run a longer inner barrel to clear the gas block then run an external hop up and hide it with a suppressor