How to ensure barrel is straight inside t-piece = .=?

ordered some stainless 7.3 id and 5 t-pieces pack off Chenghai.

just wondering how to make sure it is sitting straight :sweat_smile:?
do i put some small rubber o-ring on it then glue it in?
but the stainless barrel don’t seem to have the 3 grove on the t-piece end.

or is the t-piece tight enough to ensure it fits straight with out any play = .=??

You use epoxy or hot melt glue to glue the barrel into the t piece, don’t need grooves , just rough up the barrel with some coarse sand paper and clean with alcohol

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i am not worry about the securing part,
i have that many different 2 part epoxy i can choose its not funny :joy:
i want to know if the barrel should sit straight inside the barrel,
or if there is gonna be a little bit of play i should be aware off :pleading_face:

need to make it as dead straight as possible

Gen 8, 9 or 10 yes nice tight slide in fit


thank you rattler :smiley:

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easier to get out and rearrange if you need.

i have a couple of 2 part epoxy builds that i dread tearing apart


I did say hot melt glue aswell, but I prefer epoxy and I have said before all you need to do is soak it in metho overnight and the epoxy turns to jelly


i have that nugget in the back of my head for when i do them too.

the 7,2ID barrels have to go.

what diameter are your knitting needles?


I will have to ask my boyfriend what size the knitting needles are, I only do the repairs he does the knitting :rofl:


on my 2 acr’s i have tested barrels with just thread tape on them in the tpiece as the DKj10 hopups hold them in place and velocity has been consistent. One is set up for 33cm inner and the other one 50cm inner barrels.

Your barrels must be a loose fit because there is no way I could get even one wrap of thread tape to go in without pushing it up the barrel trying to push it in


why did u have to take it apart O_o?

u can melt epoxy with metho = .=?!

50cm = .=?!
may i ask what spring and barrel id?
u need some serious FPS to push gels out that length :astonished:

ever since the gold bag milkies became really inconsistent my 7.2ID barrels cost me more hits than they get me

and its a game and all but when i have you dead to rights and it jams…well that just steams me to no end

i could grow them smaller with some diligence or i could swap the barrels out and just fix the issue,

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gold pack milky :pleading_face:???
what size do they grow to O_O?

i also forgot to ask,
i have notice the stock t piece itself is not air sealed, gaps everywhere
the seal barrel t-piece i get off ebay doesn’t have this issue.

so with the T-piece package from Chenghai,
are the they sealed properly?

used to be really consistent to about 7.2-7.3 but i’ve had a bunch at 7.6

fundamentally, i’m a lazy sod so i’d rather fix the problem once for 60$ (2 barrels) than manage the problem and rely on my memory

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chubbs (chgbbs) have never let me down in terms of quality but i make a point of sealing everything anyway

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could be either fake or just a defected batch?
what are the “gold pack milky” though :astonished: ?

there is all these different names like alpha king is actually AKA
gold bag red bag blue bag ect ect ect lol
i get really confused to what is what